It’s 1985 in India. The streets are filled with cafes and stores serving delicious juice drinks in glass bottles.  But there’s one problem; to enjoy your fruit juice, you have to have the time to sit and drink it. This is where Frooti comes in. We introduced Frooti to India in an easy grab and go carton filled with delicious mango juice. This was the first Tetra Pak drink India had ever seen. For the first time ever, you could leave stores and walk the streets with a fresh mango drink in hand. Our juice is made of real mango pulp with no preservatives and protected by the Tetra Pak. Frooti has left a place in all of our hearts and we hope to continue for many years to come. 

From packaging to TVC ads, we have strived to remain innovative and creative throughout all aspects of the brand. With a marketing strategy that borders on the unconventional, we have brought many “firsts” to India. From the introduction of the Tetra Pak, to being the first to unveil the PET bottle and TCA tetra pak, we’ve kept Frooti enjoyable and refreshing.  Imagine 8-foot tall mangoes falling from trees in front of unsuspecting pedestrians caught on camera. Or Shah Rukh Khan as our Brand Ambassador connecting millions with a single word: “What?”. These alternative and engaging activations remind the world that you’re never too old for Frooti!

Almost every indian has grown up with Frooti and we want to keep growing up with you. With that, we are launching our most contemporary look thus far. We may have changed our look but we haven’t changed our value and we are still that drink you all know and loved as a kid. Not only did we revamp the packaging, but we also spruced up the recipe, making it the thickest, juiciest we’ve ever had it. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with the new Frooti. We’ve created some fun recipes for you to try and hopefully love! We hope to refresh India all over again and make it an experience for all to relish in.


Frooti is available in 80ml TCA, 160ml and 200ml Tetra Paks, 250ml, 400ml,
500ml, 600ml, 1.2 ltr and 2 ltr PET, 200ml RGB as well as 250ml Bottle Pack.


Learn to make unique mocktails and
dishes using our Frooti mango drink.